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DanhSachCauHoi: How to make pure red bean powder for weight loss, beautiful skin care at home


How to make pure red bean powder for weight loss, beautiful skin care at home









3/29/2021 10:00 AM


How to make pure red bean powder to ensure dry, smooth, can be preserved for a long time is always the question of many housewives. With only one ingredient, pure red bean and blender, you can create nutritious red bean powder, suitable for many people from young children to the elderly. Remember to pocket the steps of making red bean powder for your family right away. 

1. How to make red bean powder for skin care, weight loss effectively and safely at home

How to make red bean flour is one of the beauty "secrets" that you cannot ignore. Please follow the detailed instructions on the steps of processing red bean flour that introduces to you today! Before proceeding, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

1.1. Materials needed

  • Red beans: 1 kg

  • Blender

  • The clean glass jar has been sterilized and completely dried

  • Roasted pan

nguyên liệu làm bột đậu đỏ 


1.2. Tips for choosing quality red beans as a flour

  • You should choose large round seeds, not flat or moldy.

  • Buy red beans from reputable establishments to ensure quality when making red bean paste.


1.3. Steps to make dried red bean powder, smooth and beautiful

1.3.1. Preliminary processing of red beans properly

  • After buying red beans, you put the red beans in a tub of clean water to remove impurities in the seeds. Discard any particles that are floating on the water surface or those that are deep or thin. This step is quite important, because it will affect the quality of the red bean powder you make!

  • Wash the red beans 2-3 times to clean them. Then take the red beans out to the basket, wait for the water to drain completely (about 4-5 hours).


vớt đậu đỏ ra rổ và phơi khô 


1.3.2. Roast the red beans over low heat

  • Place a saucepan on the stove, then pour the red beans and roast on low heat, until the beans are well cooked and fragrant, turn off the heat.

  • Pour the red beans into a large dish to cool them down.

Note: Do not roast the beans over high heat as the red beans will be burnt, making the finished red bean paste taste more bitter.


rang hạt đậu đỏ 

1.3.3. Grind the red beans into a fine powder

  • Put the roasted red beans in the blender several times to make it smooth. Occasionally, you use chopsticks to turn the flour you are grinding to smooth evenly.


  • Before you put it in the blender, you can crush the red beans in a jar to speed up the grinding process. You should also not put too many red beans in the machine at the same time, as it will cause more beans to be left behind.

  • If you use the method of drying the red beans before grinding (instead of roasting), then after you have obtained the fine red bean powder, make sure to put the flour in the pan for aroma on the lowest heat.

  • Pour finely ground red bean paste into a covered glass jar. Store in a cool, dry place.

Red bean paste, when left on for too long, can deteriorate in quality. Therefore, you should increase or decrease raw materials to suit your needs. Since the steps for making red bean paste are so simple, you can grind it once a month to ensure the best results are used.

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Where to buy red bean powder in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh?

Red bean powder is a very familiar product to us and you can easily buy red bean powder at dry food stores. However, to buy red bean powder with clear origin and reasonable price, not all stores have it. So where to buy pure red bean powder? If you or a loved one is in need of buying pure red bean powder, you can definitely go to Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Dung Ha, we specialize in providing pure powder products with clear origin, 100% made from natural ingredients, committed to not using chemicals, preservatives, so it is absolutely safe for health. Users In addition, Dung Ha is also distributing a number of other powders such as green tea powder, cereal flour, rice bran powder, …

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